The Borland C++ 5.0 FAQ Page

Compiled by Kent Reisdorph and Ian Spencer, Members of Borland's TeamB

This page exists as an attempt to provide quick and easy solutions to problems you might encounter while setting up Borland C++ 5.0 for the first time. While our aim is to help all BC5 users through this page, please do not e-mail us with technical support questions. For technical support use the BCPPLIB and BCPP forums on Compuserve, call the Borland International Technical Support line, check out the internet newsgroups or subscribe to the OWL mailing list (free e-mail list). Please take time to submit any bugs you find in BC5 to the Borland Bug Reporting Page.

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Nothing New Lately

First Patch for BC++ 5.01 Available - U.S. Version Only
Do I Need the Patch?
Dialog Editor Crashes After Applying Patch 1
Problems with PATCH.EXE 3.20 & Patch 2 (crashes or hangs)
Grab a Patch

Installation and General Issues
Floating Point Problems with Win95/NT 4 (10/23/96)
QuickPoint Software Missing from CD (10/23/96)
Static Libraries Built with 4.5x Can't be Read by 5.0 Programs
Installing 5.01
Update Registry Entries Without Reinstalling
Error Installing CTL3D.PAK on NT
Error Installing DLLCTL3D.PAK
WINOLDAP Doesn't Unload
Uninstall Hangs
Using 4.5x and 5.0 on the Same System
Problem with RWADDON.DLL
Why is there a BC++ 4.52 CD in the 5.0 box?

Out of Memory Errors During Compile or Link - Revisited
Error Setting Breakpoint: "Invalid page fault in module COMP32.DLL"
App GPFs on MessageBox() or TDialog::Execute() When Run From IDE
Autosave For Editor Files Does Not Work
IDE Crashes While Editing Files, Part II
Fix for Bookmarks in Classic Keyboard Mapping
Autodependency Problems -- Nodes Build or Make Unpredictably
Using 4.x Project Under 5.0
IDE Crashes Frequently
Grep Doesn't Work
Source Files Disappear When Double Clicking an Item in the Grep Window
Adding Multiple Files to Projects Under NT
Long Delay When the Project Menu Item is Clicked
Nothing Appears to Happen When Project is Opened
Nothing Happens When I Import the Code Guard Log
Page Faults in the IDE under Win95
Can't Open Project After GPF in the IDE
Phantom File, 'noname.cpp' in Project (ClassExpert related)
Linker Error: "Cannot build command line to RLINK"

16-bit Compiler/Linker Issues
Linker Error: Fatal:(1,1): DOS error, ax = 6 General error
Resource Compiler Error in 16-bit: Expecting resource name or resource type name
Out of Memory Error During 16-bit Link
Linker Hangs
Linker Error - "Unable to open file 'xxxxxxx.cpp'"
Linker Error - "Error in Module xxx.cpp"
Double Cursor using TDW in Win95
Errors Linking VDBT in 16-bit Apps
"Animals" Example Works in 32-bit but Crashes in 16-bit
No Map File Generated for 16-bit Builds
Problems with STL in 16-bit

32-bit Compiler/Debugger/Linker
Linker Errors
Linker Error - "Fatal: Block overflow for block 'BrowserCache' "
Debugger Stops at Phantom Breakpoint
Watch Window: "Variable X has been optimized and is not available"

Help System
Use OpenHelp in 5.01 to Configure Your Help System
Empty Help Message Box
Incorrect Help Topics for Buildtime Messages
How do I modify OpenHelp to include other help files?

OWL 5.0
TDibDC Requires WING.DLL in 5.01
Converting OWL 2.5 Apps to 5.0
Change in Behavior of TSplashWindow in 5.01
Dialogs and ToolTips Behave Oddly in 5.01
Documentation Error in TSplashWindow
OWL Dialogs in DLL Throw Exception, Global Variable ::Module Not Initialized
Brush Colors Appear to Change at Random
Adding OWL Tab Controls (TTabControl/TNoteTab) to Dialogs in RW
TPropertySheet: Response Table Doesn't Function in Derived Classes
Getting OWL and STL to Work Together
GPF or 'Create Fail for Window' When Opening a Dialog
TClipboard: GPF on on SetClipboardData().
TDialog::IdleAction() Uses 100% CPU
TPropertySheet: I get a GPF trying to use a TPropertySheet with an MDI child.
TPropertySheet: Can I add my own controls to a TPropertySheet?
TTreeWindow: I can't seem to use the ItemData in a TTreeWindow.
TTreeWindow: I can't get the text from a TTreeWindow item using TTreeItem::GetText().
TSplashWindow: Bitmap doesn't show until after the main window comes up.
Why do I always get the OWL icon on my title bar?
TGauge doesn't work with a gauge control added to a dialog via Resource Workshop.

Resource Workshop
5.01 RW Crashes With TASM 5.0 Installed
Adding OWL Tab Controls (TTabControl/TNoteTab) to Dialogs
Set Creation Order Doesn't Seem To Work in the Dialog Editor
Controls on Dialogs not Painting Properly in RW
Why can't I use custom controll DLL's in RW?
My resource identifiers go into my project's .rc file. Why?
Where is the string table editor in RW?
I can't place an icon or bitmap on my dialog in RW. (Picture Control)

How do I return a value from an ObjectScript function?
My script's DLL crashes the IDE when the IDE closes.
Replacement for EDITSIZE.SPP Script (demonstrates calling a DLL from a script)
Quickie Method to Attatch a Script to a Keystroke
BC5 Sound Scheme Script
Autosave Editor Files Prior to Debugger Running
String Functions Appear to be Missing
Removing Messages from the Message Window Before a Debug Session.
Syntax Highlighting for Scripts
Running Your Own Scripts on IDE Startup
Script to Check WINHELP.INI for Errors

Java Debugger Gone in 5.01
I've got other Java products installed. I get errors trying to use the Java addon in BC5.
Error: Unable to Find JAVACOMP.DLL
When I start the debugger, I get a message that it can't find the .class file.
Problem with bcwjava.dll when loading the IDE after applying Patch 2.
I keep getting Sun's copyright notice when running an applet.

Standard Template Libraray (STL)
Using BC++ and STL
Getting OWL and STL to Work Together

BC 5.01 is Shipping

(August 29, 1996) Version 5.01 is shipping. Several users report getting the 5.01 CD. In the US the CD will be shipped automatically to registered users of 5.0 and is free of charge. In other countries check with your local Borland representative. (In Canada there is a $15 charge for shipping and handling, for instance.) 5.01 includes these features:

MFC 4.1
Ability to use VCL (Visual Component Library) in both OWL and MFC apps
Active X container support
TTreeView emulated for 16-bit
Free copy of Delta Point's QuickSite (web creation software)
Lots of bug fixes

Be sure to read INSTALL.TXT on the CD or click here for a summary.

Important Information (5.0 Release)

There are a couple of issues common to all users that need to be emphasized.

Using 4.x Projects under 5.0. Read this!
BC++ 5.0 Practical System Minimums.
Frequent IDE Crashes.
If All Else Fails....

Please do not e-mail us for technical support. For technical support use the BCPPLIB and BCPP forums on Compuserve, call the Borland International Technical Support line, check out the internet newsgroups or subscribe to the OWL mailing list (free e-mail list).

BC++ 5.0 Practical Minimum System Requirements

The BC++ 5.0 system requirements say that 16MB RAM is the minimum. Although 5.0 will run on 16MB it is not optimum by any means.

Under Windows95 24MB RAM should be considered a practical minimum. Moving from 16MB to 24MB should result in speed performance improvements of 4 times or more. Adding more memory will certainly continue to improve speed but not as much as the initial move from 16 MB to 24MB.

Under Windows NT you should add 8MB above the requirements for Win95. Users report the best performance on NT with 48MB and above.

It should be noted that in either case a badly fragmented hard drive can increase compile and link times by a fair amount. Clean up your hard drive and watch your build times improve.

If All Else Fails...

If nothing on this page solves your problem then take these drastic steps (in order of simplicity):

1. First be sure that you have applied the patches.

2. Close the IDE and then delete the .dsw and .csm files for your project and the bcwdef.* files in \bc5\bin. Also delete the *.spx files in the \bc5\scripts directory. Restart the IDE.

3. Rebuild your project from scratch in the 5.0 IDE.

4. Check your system configuration carefully. Be sure you have the latest video drivers installed for your video card.

5. Try to update the registry entries.

6. Uninstall and reinstall 5.0 and then apply the patches.

7. Uninstall Windows, reinstall Windows and then go to step #3.

Although uninstalling and reinstalling Windows is a colossal pain it is a good idea from time to time. When you install and uninstall programs a number of times things can lurk in the registry, system.ini and/or win.ini that can mess up your system.

Other Links

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Kent Reisdorph's Home Page Just me.

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