16-bit Compiler and Linker Issues

Linker Error: Fatal:(1,1): DOS error, ax = 6 General error
This won't be terribly useful but here it is nonetheless: The only time I have seen this error is when I had a multi-target project. The main target was a 32-bit Windows GUI app. The other target was, by accident, a small model 16-bit DOS program. When I removed the mismatched target, the app was able to link normally.

Resource Compiler Error in 16-bit: "Expecting resource name or resource type name"
Double click on the error message to open your .rc file as text and locate the offending line. The line will be a CONTROL statement for a control on a dialog. At the end of the line you will see four numbers representing the x, y, width, and height of the control. Following that you will see ", 0". Remove the comma and trailing 0 and the resource will compile in either 16 or 32-bits.

Out of Memory Error During 16-bit Link
If you receive an "Out of Memory" error during a 16-bit link...

Win95: You need to modify the DOS property memory settings for CONAGENT.EXE, CONAGENT.PIF (found in \windows\system) and/or _DEFAULT.PIF (\windows). Follow these steps:

1. Start Explorer.
2. Locate one of the above files in the \windows\system directory.
3. When over the file click the right mouse button.
4. Choose 'Properties' from the speed menu.
5. Choose the 'Memory' tab.
6. Make sure all memory settings (four of them) are set to 'Auto.'

You may not have all of the above files. If not, modify whatever files you can find just to be safe.

WinNT: You may be able to get by by just setting the memory settings for _default.pif to -1. If that doesn't work then try this...

2. Fill in the following fields:
     Program Filename: CAPDOS32.EXE
     Window Title: capdos32
     Memory Requirements: (min) -1 (preferred) -1
     EMS: (req) 0 (limit) 4096
     XMS: (req) 0 (limit) 4096
     Close window on exit: TRUE
3. Save this as CAPDOS32.PIF in your x:\bc5\bin directory.
4. Reboot NT (if you have run BC 5.0 at all since last reboot)

Linker Hangs on NT
This appears to be a bug related to the Priority Boost setting. The boost can be set via the slider on the compiling status dialog or via Options | Environment | Process Control. Leave the Proiority Boost at 0 and the linker should function normally.

In other cases the linker hanging can be as a result of inadequate system resources and/or inadequate hard disk space. Free up some hard disk space and try again.

Linker Error - "Unable to open file xxxxxxx.cpp"
The 16-bit linker cannot handle long pathnames and filenames. You will have to use the 8.3 filename conventions.

Linker Error - "Error in Module xxx.cpp"
This is a general error which could be due to many different problems. In most cases it has nothing to do with 5.0 directly. Some users report oddities in their source files which caused the error. Another possible problem is the inclusion of too much debug info. Try turing debug info off for that particular module.

Double Cursor using TDW in Win95
The double cursor that shows up when you run TDW under Win95 is due to an anomoly in Win95. This can be resolved by switching video configurations using TDWINI.EXE (TD Video Configuration). The default is to use TDWGUI.DLL. Switch this to SVGA.DLL (full screen) to get rid of the ghost cursor. This problem does not exist in NT.

Errors Linking VDBT in 16-bit Apps
You need to include the proper .lib files. If building a 16-bit static project then include the following libraries:


If building a 16-bit dynamic project then include the following libaries:


First you will need to make the bdtawrli library. Make bc5\source\vdbt\bdtawr\makefile to build the above library. You will need to set BCROOT and VHOME to your bc5 location (you can set them from the command line before running make; set BCROOT=c:\bc5).

"Animals" Example Works in 32-bit But Crashes in 16-bit
This is probably because the 16-bit IDAPI has not been installed. You need to specifically install it. On the CD you will find the installation program in Setup/Idapi16/setup.exe. Run that to install the 16-bit IDAPI.

No Map File Generated for 16-bit Builds
Turn on name mangling for the map file (Project | Options | Linker | Map File) and it will appear. If you want an unmangled map, edit the .r$p file and set the appropriate switches. Then run TLINK from DOS. Next time you rebuild in the IDE, the .r$p file will be overwitten.

Problems with STL in 16-bit
The Rouge Wave STL that ships with BC++ 5.0 is designed for 32-bit. If you plan on doing heavy 16-bit development using STL then you should get the public domain STL which you can get by clicking here.

32-bit IDE/Debugger

Linker Errors
General linker errors can be caused by a lot of different things. For one, 32 bit import libraries created with 4.5x are not compatible with 5.0 and vice versa. If you have import libraries created with 4.x you should rebuild them in 5.0 before attempting to use them under 5.0. More will be added to this section as information is gathered.

Linker Error - "Fatal: Block overflow for block 'BrowserCache' "
In your project's directory you should find a file called TLINK32.INI. In this file there is an entry _BROWSERCACHESIZE in the DebugTableSizes section. Increase the value for this item from 0x200 to 0x4000.

Debugger Stops at Phantom Breakpoint
This is a bug that snuck in with Patch 1. It has been fixed in Patch 2. When running under the debugger the app would stop at a breakpoint before the app became visible. This only happened with Async compiling off and after applying Patch 1. The solution is to turn Async compiling on or apply Patch 2.

Watch Window: "Variable X has been optimized and is not available"
This is not a bug but should still be mentioned here. The BC++ compiler optimizes variables that are no longer needed. This is a Good Thing(tm) but the side effect is that you may not be able to inspect certain variables. If you have variables that you need to inspect for debugging purposes then make them static and the debugger won't optimize them. You will want to remove the static modifier after debugging that section of code. You can also set 'Register Variables' to 'none' under Options | Project | Compiler | Code Generation.

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