Borland C++ 5.0 Add-ons

Borland C++ 5.x has an Add-On interface which allows enhancing the IDE with new functionalities. An example about this interface can be found in \BC5\EXAMPLES\IDE\ADDON\TESTBED.

Name Download Source Description
JIdeTool I have written an Add-On for rebuilding Borland C++ projects and several other useful tasks. For more information read JIdeTool.txt
Tools55 N/A Karst Drenth had written an Add-On for using the free compiler with BC++ 5.02 IDE. For more information read Tools55.txt.
One of my small example programs, WinHelpColors, uses the combination OWLNext/BCC5.5/BC5.02.
Ender Ender Add-On page N/A A powerful addon for Borland C++ 5.0.

Setup CS-RCS as BC5.0x Tool by David Arnold

CS-RCS is a freeware revision control system. This is how to be used from BC5.0x IDE:

Open the Borland IDE and goto "\Options\Tools" and choose "New", and enter the following information:

Advanced Options:

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