Borland C++ 5.5

With the release of C++ Builder 5, Borland had released the command-line compiler and tools for free. They can be downloaded from here. A separate download is the 32-bit console Turbo Debugger.

To get started, read Ed Mulroy's How-to, Borland's article about the command-line tools, Helmut Pharo's page, and Leon Matthews article.
Note: Helmut Pharo original site is offline, but archived copy can be found at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Questions about the free compiler can be asked in Borland public newgroups: borland.public.install.cppbuilder for instalation-related questions, and borland.public.cppbuilder.commandlinetools for generic questions.
Also I have compiled a small FAQ from the problems discussed in these newsgroups.

Currently there are several free integrated development environments which can be used with the free compiler:
Also Karst Drenth has written a tool which allows integration of the free command-line tools in Borland C++ 5.x IDE. It can be downloaded from the Add-Ons page.

There is a DOS extender, which allows 32-bit console programs written with the free compiler to be executed under pure DOS (not Win32 console). For more information go here.

Here is a page about BCC++ 5.5 and Tcl.

Here is a page about BCC++ 5.5 and Boost libraries.

The free compiler does not include any GUI framework, but it can be used with the free open-sourced WxWindows, with OWLNext, or with TrollTech's Qt.

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