OWL stands for Object Windows Library. It is a C++ framework for developing 16- and 32-bit Windows GUI applications. In my opinion OWL is better designed, more object-oriented, and more powerful than MFC. The bad news is that Borland discontinued the Borland C++/OWL line and switched to C++ Builder/VCL.

A short history of OWL versions:

OWL 1.0
First version of OWL. For handling windows messages uses Dynamic Dispatch Virtual Tables, a non-portable Borland extension to C++.

OWL 2.0
Switches to Response Table macros for handling messages.

OWL 2.5
Adds OCF for developing OLE-enabled applications.

OWL 5.0
Adds new classes for the new Win32 common controls. Change from the old typedef-ed BOOL to the new C++ type bool.

OWL 6.0
A freeware upgrade to OWL maintained by Yura Bidus. Read more about it here.

Here is a list of OWL-related pages:

OWL Next
OWL Next project by Yura Bidus. Also contains articles and FAQs concerning OWL.

Experts Exchange
Experts Exchange OWL Section

How hard is it to get my OWL application to compile with C++Builder 5?
Article on Borland Developer's Network

OWL HOW - lots of articles, tips, tricks, tutorials and contributions. Too many to list here.

OWL Mailing List
An OWL mailing list archive. Some of the topics on the site are:

Geordie's Code Samples
Contains OWL/VCL section contains examples for owner-drawn radio buttons; changing window and control background; dialog accelerator keys; command enabling, menu descriptors; owner-drawn list boxes; decorated windows.

Alan Chambers programming page
A screen-saver, OpenGL Rubik Cube and several small classes.

SoftEngage OWL site
Dieter Windau's OWL page. Contains OWL classes, resources, tips

Jo Parrello's home page
OWL classes and FAQs.

OWL Sock
OWL socket library.

Scott Heiman's web site
Information how to use DirectX and OpenGL with Borland C++.

Dr John Maddock's home page
OLE Proxy Wizard, RegEx++ - template regular expression library.

Luigi Bianchi's web site
DFM2API utility for converting C++ Builder/Delphi forms to standard API resource file and C code; OWL classes - spinner control, color picker dialog, property dialog.

Elias Fotinis' web site
Some OWLNext sources - DDE file opening, Monochrome BMP data converter.

OWL and GCC page
Information about OWLNext and GCC.

Powerful open source Spreadsheet class for Borland C++.

Publications by Ted Faison
OWL vs MFC comparison, OLE programming, ObjectScripting and other publications.

Pete Aldridge's page
C++ OWL Tutorials, Examples, Source.

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